Monday, September 6, 2010

Mother Nature’s Little Tricks

Over the years, I have heard about all the ways Mother Nature prepares us for a child. The women I worked with at Target Communication’s “baby making machine” provided me with more information on pregnancy, childbirth and babies than anyone. Plus with some close friends recently having babies, I have been able to use them as a resource. However, even after all these tutorials, I still didn’t know about the lack of sleep that comes right before the big day. At 40lbs over my normal weight and with limited lung capacity, I have trouble staying asleep for more than a few hours. To prevent myself from going mad, Todd and I took a drive to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley yesterday to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature.

What a wonderful day! The humidity was low, the temperature hovered at 80 and the sun was high in the sky. We stopped at our favorite road-side-dinner, Spelunkers, for two delicious malts and a great burger. After Spelunkers we headed for the Virginia State park in the Shenandoah Valley to find a swimming hole for Cali and I.

Autumn has already arrived in the Shenandoah. The leaves have started to change and the air is crisp and clean. We walked for about two miles on a nice path and then off the path several times to find the right swimming hole. Once we found it, it was beautiful. Cali played for hours and I simply sat in the water allowing the cool Shenandoah river to wash over all the aches and pains of carrying a 7.9lb baby. Little Tortuga loved it too. As soon as my feet touched the water he/she went crazy kicking and punching away. He/she is going to be a swimmer!

Here are some pictures of our day out in the Shenandoah and of Todd with the dresser, which is corresponds to a previous posting.

Thanks to everyone who sent in comments. It is great to know that others are reading.   


  1. Yes working at Target has supplied me with years of valuable information as to how to understand/communicate with a pregnant woman. Now the question is: is the baby going to be a swimmer like Mom or a scuba diver like Dad. It could be either. It's good to see you are getting out, I can only imagine it must be tough feeling cooped up all the time. Well the time is almost here I can't wait to see Little Tortuga!

  2. You look wonderful Ana. I am sorry you are having a hard time sleeping and's hoping little Tortuga arrives sooner than later (when you are officially giving he/she the eviction notice that is). Sounds like you guys had a perfect weekend, that is great. It doesn't surprise me that the little one is already a swimmer. You can sign he/she up for classes right away. :) Enjoy these last days and hang in there....

  3. That's Ana for ya-out hiking 2 miles just days before the birth. Love you, Ans! Can't wait to hear more, and here's to the maximum amount of comfort possible in the days leading up to the BIG day:) Oh, and the dresser looks nice, Todd! I'm sure little Tortuga will love it.

  4. Beautiful post, Ana! I know how you feel! I crave being outside in nature and away from people...must be some instinct to go some place safe and peaceful to have a baby. I can't believe Tortuga is 7.9 lbs. You look fantastic! Surely baby will come sometime this week...fingers crossed!