Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Due Dates

The funny thing about a due date in pregnancy is that it is more of a fluid guesstimate than an actual finality. As a perpetual student and a Type A Communicator, my life has been built around due dates and deadlines. I have made a career of getting the right project/product to the client or teacher on time. Now that I am the one waiting for the “project”, the due date is slipping.

As you may have guessed today is little Tortuga’s due date. Yes for the last nine months or so, Todd and I have been looking at this date as the day our baby will arrive, yet here I sit in our apartment writing a blog post. I guess this will be my first lesson in motherhood, patience.

The good news is there have been signs of progress. My “pre-labor” contractions are coming more frequently and getting stronger. It is only 7:30am, the day is still young and we could have a little one by midnight. We will be sure to keep everyone posted.


  1. Anita we miss you around here.. espero y te estes sintiendo bien.. Patience.. Un beso!

  2. Oh Ana! How exciting! I hope that Tortuga has arrived by now! I went to the doctor yesterday and found out that Baby Smith is likely to come on his/her due date or even during the week after. What is up with our babies missing their deadlines?? Don't they know that their mommies hate to miss deadlines? :D Like you said, good first lesson in motherhood!

    I'm thinking baby arrival thoughts for you!